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We are all self taught.

You know that moment when a joke becomes funny? The moment when you “get” the punchline. It’s not something that happens through force of will or conscious effort. It’s no different than when you suddenly get the solution to a word jumble, a crossword clue, or a riddle.All the complex machinations required to find those […]

Inputs and Attention

One of the many mythological narratives we’ve constructed around human cognition and intelligence is that of the child prodigy – children who display abilities in sports, music, or academic endeavors well beyond their peers. We’re inclined to accept them without hesitation as innate gifts. That somehow, despite their absence of survival benefit, the brain decided […]

The 4 Quadrant Model (the Ancestral Health therapeutic paradigm)

Here we’ll review the 4 Quadrant Model that characterizes the Ancestral Health paradigm for health and therapeutics.

How To Win At Angry Birds

In recent decades, modern medicine has failed in it’s primary objective because the guiding paradigm is wrong. “How To Win At Angry Birds” explains why this is, and presents a new guiding paradigm for ushering in a revolution in human health and therapeutics.

What is Aging?

I’ve been going down the aging research rabbit hole of late, and have been alarmed by what I’ve found.