Releasing human potential, one brain at a time

Josh Turknett, MD

Though my interests may appear eclectic and varied at first glance, there is a unifying thread running through all the projects I work on, which is to understand how to realize human potential through the optimization of human brain function.  

BRAINJO: Molding Musical Minds

The Brainjo Method is a first principles based framework for optimized learning, currently applied to and refined in the domain of musical skill acquisition.  

I believe there is the potential to radically transform the entire field of education by incorporating our understanding of the neurobiology of learning.  



The mission of the Brainjo Center for Cognitive Enhancement is to build comprehensive, customized, and self-reinforcing systems for optimized brain health and cognitive growth

We are on the cusp of a radical leap in human cognition, thanks to remarkable recent progress in multiple relevant domains. 

Acheiving that leap requires a multi-disciplinary approach, the goal of which is to optimize brain function at all levels of functional organization: from the operation of individual neurons, to the broadly distributed neural networks that support our most sophisticated cognitive functions.

Whereas most learning programs for training, development, or cognitive enhancement are narrowly focused on specific, non-transferrable domains of human cognition, the elite cognition program is broadly focused on maximizing the brain's potential for general purpose learning, idea generation, novel problem solving, and creativity

The Intelligence Unshackled Podcast explores the potential of human intelligence, and how to release it through the enhancement, protection, and optimization of human brain function. 

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THE MIGRAINE MIRACLE: Migraine Freedom through Ancestral Health

In 2010, I made a remarkable - and accidental - discovery: that an ancestral, evolutionarily concordant diet and lifestyle is the single most effective weapon against migraine headaches (and incidentally, against most modern ailments).  

This kind of root cause approach to modern disease is conspicuously absent from conventional Western medicine, yet holds the key to solving many of the problems that plague our current system. 

Spreading these ideas is now a central to my work in the realm of human health

In addition to continuing to build an active community around the book, I am also an active member of Physicians for Ancestral Health, and medical editor for the Journal of Evolution and Health.



Selected Presentations & Interviews

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LIVIN' LA VIDA LOW CARB: Interview with Jimmy Moore about ketogenic diets and migraine

PHYSICIANS & ANCESTRAL HEALTH: Presentation at the PAH Winter Conference on "How To Win At Angry Birds: Towards a more effective practice model

MIGRAINE WORLD SUMMIT: Interview for the 2017 Migraine World Summit.

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