I am a neurologist, entrepreneur, writer, and musician. Read on for further details, if desired.



I was in full-time private and clinical research practice in the Atlanta area for about 10 years, with special focus in the areas of migraine and cognitive disorders.

I exited clinical practice to pursue areas where I could make a substantially greater impact with my knowledge and expertise. 



In 2014, I founded Brainjo, a company that creates neuroscience-based online musical instruction.

In 2015, I founded Healthy Brain Solutions, which creates educational resources for neurological disorders.



I have written three non-fiction books, two of which are on the topic of migraine, one of which is one the topic of applying the science of neuroplasticity to learning music.

Two books are currently in progress, along with other opinionated musings that you’ll find appearing on this site.



I write, perform, and teach music.

I play multiple instruments, but identify as a banjo player. I’ve played around the Atlanta area primarily in various configurations and plan to do much more music making and performing in the coming months and years. 


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